Yahoo Ushers in a New Era with Month-Long Logo Debut

Posted by Sheila Shayon on August 7, 2013 12:52 PM
指導者 / 總編輯 張蕙娟
分享者 / 李睿芬

入口網站巨擘在Yahoo新任 CEO Marissa Mayer 的帶領之下,歷經許多轉變。改革的步伐並未停止,Yahoo!宣布將在九月更換標誌圖像。(見圖一)

Yahoo將舉行「30 Days of Changes」活動,在公佈最終版的標誌圖像設計以前,將會推出各種不同設計風格的標誌,並且放在首頁以及其他相關網站上。行銷長Kathy Savitt在部落格中表示:「新的標誌將會強調現代感的設計,更能反映新的想像和體驗」。並說明Yahoo所使用的標誌是圖像式的,民眾有正負面兩極反應,因此希望能重新設計標誌,除了代表Yahoo的新產品、新服務外,也象徵Yahoo將邁入新的里程碑。


If you thought Yahoo was coming to the end of its transformation phase, think again. The internet company, which has been given new life under CEO Marissa Mayer, is planning to roll out a new logo in September, but not before it pays homage to its current logo's 20-year run.

The "30 Days of Change" campaign will feature a new logo everyday before the company unveils the actual one, which will be a "modern redesign that’s more reflective of our reimagined design and new experiences,” CMO Kathy Savitt wrote in a blog post.

Savitt, who was Mayer's first major hire after she assumed the role of chief executive last year, told USA Today that the "Yahoo logo is iconic; some people love it, some people hate it. We decided to change it, to reflect new products … and depict our next chapter."

The timing couldn't be better. Under Mayer, the company has experienced a "renaissance" of sorts, including the acquisition of over 20 companies in the past year, most notably its takeover of blogging site Tumblr, as well as site-wide updates of its existing product lineups, including its homepage, email services and Flickr photo site.
The new logo, which will be the company's third since its founding in the mid-1990s, will encompass the brand's new efforts to become more relevant to a younger generation.